FotoThe Menorca Craft Centre is located in the guards' room of the old military barracks of Es Mercadal, built in 1904. In those days, soldiers were to be housed within people's homes, by law. When the duilding of the Es Mercadal barracks was authorised, the town council foresaw that the town inhabitants would object to having soldiers living in their homes. The council therefore ceded some land to build barracks. A hundred years later (2004), the land reverted back to the local authorities.

In 2005, the Es Mercadal council ceded the building to the island council Consell Insular de Menorca who, jointly with the Autonomous Government of the Balearic Islands, carried out restoration works to convert the building into the first craft centre in the Balearic Islands.

Local products are held in high esteem in the craft centre: these are products that illustrate the singularity of the island. These crafts are an authentication of the skills of the Menorcan craftspeople, showing how people have adapted to using what the environment provides. In fact, the craft centre establishes the link between past, present and future key economic activities.

The building is very versatile, allowing for product displays, individual and collective exhibitions as well as educational activities and other events. There is a permanent exhibition, a shop and a reading room.

Carrer Metge Camps, s/n
(Recinte Firal des Mercadal)
07740 es Mercadal - Menorca
971 154 436 

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